Valenton Wallace

Finance and Accounting professional. I'm originally from the twin island Republic of Trinidad and Tobago in the Caribbean. I lived in Trinidad all my life up until November 2022 when I moved to Brazil, I currently live in the capital city of Brasilia with my wife and step-son. Football became my first love before I turned ten years old. I grew up watching England's Big League Soccer and West Germany's Soccer Made in Germany on a black and white 20 inch television set. I loved both programs but loved the German one more and its commentary from the incomparable Toby Charles. To this day I'm a fan of Bayern Munich and the German national football team. I also like Liverpool FC. I regularly follow the NBA, in particular the Dallas Mavericks. Other sports I follow include cricket, boxing, MMA and tennis. I also have fond memories of professional wrestling when Kayfabe still applied.