Bayern Munich: Is 3-4-3 a viable option for Hansi Flick this season?

Hansi Flick, FC Bayern Munich. (Photo by Sascha Steinbach - Pool/Getty Images)
Hansi Flick, FC Bayern Munich. (Photo by Sascha Steinbach - Pool/Getty Images) /
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FC Bayern Munich
David Alaba, Thomas Muller and Jerome Boateng, FC Bayern Munich. (Photo by Franck Fife/Pool via Getty Images) /

Bayern will become less vulnerable to counter-attacks

With a back three, Die Roten can make themselves much more secure when the opposition is trying to execute counter-attacks. Bayern can deploy a deeper central defender, while the other two central defenders facilitate the buildup for the team.

Having a man as the final line of defense will help the team to sniff danger and help the team to reduce chances. However, the offside trap is unlikely to be executed perfectly since there will always be one player deeper for Bayern.

"Central defender Right central defender-Left central defender"

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The numerical superiority in the midfield can be achieved by pushing the right and left central defender in the buildup when Die Roten is dominating possession. This formation will also help in compensating for the absence of Joshua Kimmich effectively as the German midfielder is at least a month away from returning to full training.

Using this defensive system, Die Roten can also help in reducing the vacant space behind the wing-backs. In a back four, the opposition has often tried to play the long ball in these channels when the full-backs are stationed higher up the pitch. Implementing the 3-4-3 system perfectly can certainly help in achieving defensive stability for Die Roten without compromising the team’s buildup in the first phase.