Former Chelsea boss wanted by Bayern Munich to reunite with Harry Kane and Eric Dier

  • Mauricio Pochettino has left Chelsea
  • Bayern Munich are on the hunt for a young manager to replace Thomas Tuchel
  • Coincidence, right?
Chelsea FC v AFC Bournemouth - Premier League
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Mauricio Pochettino and Chelsea have surprisingly parted ways within the last 24 hours. Despite Pochettino securing immense progress at the club which seemed broken before his arrival, this is still not good enough for the frankly clueless Chelsea board. Still, that's an argument for another day - Could Bayern Munich benefit from Chelsea's idiocy?

Well, according to an update from England, Bayern Munich will certainly try...

Former Chelsea boss wanted by Bayern Munich to reunite with Harry Kane and Eric Dier

As per Standard, Bayern Munich are on high alert as they learned about Mauricio Pochettino's departure. It is believed that Die Roten have put Pochettino "straight" on their managerial shortlist, after Thomas Tuchel rejected the opportunity to stay at the club beyond this season.

Mauricio Pochettino is an excellent manager who is proven at the highest level. Ageing at just 52 years old, he is still young for a manager. While he has many years left on his portfolio, he could be the perfect option to lead the Bayern Munich project.

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Needless to say, Bayern Munich are in desperate need of a new direction. They finished third in the Bundesliga this season which is by no means disastrous but by Bayern's built-up standards, they would have expected much better from Thomas Tuchel.

Given Bayern Munich's objective of winning the Bundesliga again next season, it must be said that fans should not expect an immediate turnaround from Pochettino. Despite managing at top clubs, he has managed to achieve one league title as head coach - Ligue 1 with Paris Saint-Germain.

What Mauricio Pochettino does provide, though, is a sense of togetherness in the dressing room. He is one of the best man-managers in the sport and the personality-hire would be of great benefit to Bayern Munich. He would give the players a reason to fight once more and return the sense of "we've got our club back" to Bayern Munich fans.

Mauricio Pochettino has already struck up a great relationship with Harry Kane and Eric Dier. In many ways, he is the reason why they are the players they are today. Coaching both of them in one of the best Tottenham Hotspur lineups of the Premier League era, he gave the English duo a reason to fight for the badge and this mentality has stuck with them, even at Bayern Munich.


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