Takeaways for Bayern Munich from 2-1 defeat against Real Madrid

Takeaways from Santiago Bernabéu as Bayern Munich slumped to a devastating defeat against Real Madrid in the second leg of the Champions League semi-finals.
Bayern Munich players applauding fans after defeat against Real Madrid.
Bayern Munich players applauding fans after defeat against Real Madrid. / Alexander Hassenstein/GettyImages
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Bayern need at least one quality winger in the summer 

Injuries have troubled Bayern in Ruckrunde. They struggled with injuries to key players on Wednesday against Real Madrid. Serge Gnabry was substituted after 25 minutes due to another hamstring injury, while Leroy Sane is still managing a pubic bone injury. Kingsley Coman is out on the sidelines due to a serious injury.   

Apart from injuries, inconsistency has also been a problem for all three wingers. Mathys Tel has done well on the left flank, but Tuchel has not trusted him enough during the second half of the season. Bryan Zaragoza is settling at the club, which made sure that he was never an option from the bench for Tuchel on Wednesday.  

Considering the situation of all wingers at the club, Bayern need to get a world-class wide player in the summer. The Bavarian club should invest in a winger who has the best years of his career ahead of him. While midfield and defense need an overhaul in the summer, signing a world-class winger is equally crucial for Die Roten.