James Rodriguez affirms his commitment to Bayern Munich

Amidst recent speculation about his future, James Rodriguez has once again confirmed his commitment to Bayern Munich.

The 2018-19 Bundesliga season kicks off in just under a month, and Bayern Munich are already well into their preseason planning for the campaign. James Rodriguez recently joined the team on their US tour, but will not feature in either training or matches until they return to Germany.

James returns to Bayern after an underwhelming summer with Colombia at the 2018 World Cup. The 27-year-old was by no means disappointing in Russia. In fact, he was sublime when he played.

The only problem is that he missed almost all of his nation’s matches in the competition due to injury.

The Colombian’s future has recently been the topic of much speculation. Numerous reports have emerged from Spain (almost all from Marca) claiming James is eager to return to Real Madrid now that Zinedine Zidane has departed.

Despite Bayern reassuring their fans and the media that their superstar playmaker is going nowhere, the reports have continued. James, however, has officially set the record straight. Speaking very candidly in a press conference (via Sport Bild) as part of Bayern’s summer tour, James affirmed his intention to remain at Bayern Munich through this season and beyond.

“There were many rumors about my future. I’m here with Bayern and I’m not worried about anything else. I’m happy here and just thinking about Bayern.

“I can very well imagine staying longer in Munich. Bayern is a big club and has placed their confidence in me.”

There you have it, from the man himself. James Rodriguez has no intentions to leave Bayern Munich this summer or the next. He’s fully committed to the club, who he expects to remain fully committed to him. Of course, the rumors from Marca will no doubt still surface, but take no stock in their reports.

Beyond declaring his loyalty to the club, James also claimed Bayern have everything it takes to win the Champions League. According to the Colombian, “anything is possible” with this squad, and no big signings are needed to take them to the next level.

That’s the kind of confidence and commitment you want from one of your star players. James fully believes Bayern can go all the way this year and is ready to play his part in helping them do so.