Paulo Dybala would be a great signing for Bayern Munich

Paulo Dybala of Juventus during the Serie A match between Benevento and Juventus at Ciro Vigorito Stadium, Benevento, Italy on 7 April 2018. (Photo by Giuseppe Maffia/NurPhoto via Getty Images)
Paulo Dybala of Juventus during the Serie A match between Benevento and Juventus at Ciro Vigorito Stadium, Benevento, Italy on 7 April 2018. (Photo by Giuseppe Maffia/NurPhoto via Getty Images) /

Paulo Dybala, recently linked with a move to Munich, would be the perfect signing for Bayern Munich to make this summer.

Recently, rumors have been floated that Bayern Munich is interested in signing a number of different players this summer. Gareth Bale and, shortly before, Anthony Martial are two players who have been tossed out as potential future Bavarians, usually with an eye to a Robert Lewandowski exit. Rumors are now adding Juventus attacker, Paulo Dybala, to the list of players the Bundesliga champs may lure away from another top club.

While the other names certainly are appealing in their own right, Dybala is the man Bayern should make priority number one. No other player adds the combination of skill, youth and flexibility he would.

A statistical look

Let’s play the ever-fun “blind stats compare” game for a moment. The stats for the following five players are from domestic league play in the ’17-18 season. See if you can pick out which one is Paulo Dybala. (Statistics from

Total Performance Score per 90

"1: 63.222: 42.453: 39.684: 61.335: 48.32"

Goals Scored per 90

"1: 0.922: 1.253: 0.834: 0.995: 1.06"

Chances Created per 90

"1: 2.012: 0.903: 1.034: 1.695: 1.94"

Pass Completion %

"1: 88%2: 79%3: 72%4: 81%5: 77%"

Aerial Duels Won % per 90

"1: 46.15%2: 41.82%3: 42.34%4: 56.36%5: 27.91%"

If you guessed Dybala was Player 1, you know your stuff! You could have possibly guessed or reasoned to get there, of course, but there is no prize anyway. The point is that Paulo Dybala is top of the group in Total Performance Score, Chances Created and Pass Completion % per 90 minutes. He’s also second in Aerial Duels Won % per 90 minutes among this group of players:

Players Revealed

1: Paulo Dybala

2: Robert Lewandowski

3: Harry Kane

4: Cristiano Ronaldo

5: Mohamed Salah

At just 5’10”, I find it astounding that he rates just behind Ronaldo and roughly 4.3% above Lewandowski in Aerial Duels Won %. In the Chances Created per 90 statistic, the man closest to him, Mohamed Salah, has over 30 goals in the English Premier League this season. In addition, the only category Robert Lewandowski bests Dybala in is goals scored, by seven goals in total, with games to play.

Paulo Dybala is also the youngest player in the group. He is 24-years-old and doesn’t turn 25 until November of 2018. For comparison, Lewandowski is 29, Kane is 24 (older by about four months), Ronaldo is 33, and Salah is 25. While the difference between Dybala and Kane and Salah is not huge, it still points to the room for growth he has, even while already playing at a high level. His place among a group of Ballon D’or candidates and a few of the top attacking players in the world speaks for itself.

How would he fit at Bayern?

Robert Lewandowski has recently come under fire for his performances in big matches. Some of the criticism is a bit harsh, but Bayern have leaned pretty heavily on his 149 goals since he joined the club. Thomas Muller has been another source of goals, but Bayern may need to change things up to become a more dangerous team offensively, predominantly in the Champions League.

Regardless of whether Lewy bolts this summer, Dybala is a great fit. He is a dynamic performer that instantly adds another world-class player to the attack. He is creative on the ball, as well, a much needed element. Most of his appearances have come in an attacking midfield role, but he has had success in all forward positions. “La Joya” is deadly with his left foot, too. This makes him a great Arjen Robben replacement going forward.

So let’s imagine, for a second, a Bayern starting XI with the addition of Dybala.

Because Eintracht Frankfurt have predominately lined up with a back three under Kovac, we’ll assume that he will do something similar at Bayern for now. In addition to a Lewandowski move, I’m also assuming Boateng, Vidal, and even Thiago have all left the club. (Just reading the tea leaves).

"NeuerSule – Hummels – MartinezKimmich – James – Tolisso – AlabaDybala – Muller – Coman"

There are many possibilities, as I’m sure anyone could come up with a different eleven or a different formation. The key is the incredible depth, flexibility and strength Dybala could add. He could be placed on the wing, in attacking midfield or in a center-forward role and be massively impactful at any of them.

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The rumors may turn out to be ridiculous. Dybala may be in Juventus’ plans for the foreseeable future and therefore untouchable. If Bayern can find a price that Juve will take and die Roten are comfortable with, then they shouldn’t hesitate. Get the “gladiator mask” celebration to Munich!