Bayern Munich should have signed Timo Werner says Jupp Heynckes

Bayern Munich manager Jupp Heynckes criticizes the club for missing out on signing young German talents like RB Leipzig’s Timo Werner.

Jupp Heynckes recently re-joined Bayern Munich for his fourth tenure as club manager. Following the rather lackluster spell of Italian Carlo Ancelotti, Heynckes faced a serious challenge as he made the move back to Bavaria.

However, the legendary manager has had nothing but success since his return to Munich. Literally. Heynckes has led his squad to victory in all seven matches he’s managed this season. Whereas Bayern

The German has been a godsend for the Bavarians, but does not plan to stay with the club any longer than his one-year contract demands. That does not, however, mean he is not willing to help the club move forward.

In fact, he’s already begun doing just that. Well, sort of.

Speaking with Welt, Heynckes claimed Bayern Munich will sorely regret missing out on young RB Leipzig striker Timo Werner. Of course, the German forward could still make the move to Munich sometime in the future.

Jupp urged Bayern to continue placing its emphasis on developing youth, but also urged the club not to fear spending big for high caliber players. Werner is still very young, but is developing at a lightning quick pace.

Given that Bayern are in need of an adequate replacement for Robert Lewandowski and that Timo Werner is an extremely versatile forward, perhaps the club will listen to the advice of their manager and splash the cash for Leipzig’s quickly-developing star.