Bayern Munich hire Willy Sagnol as assistant coach

Reports out of Germany are suggesting that Bayern Munich have signed former player Willy Sagnol as the assistant coach to Carlo Ancelotti.

Throughout the 2016-17 season, Bayern Munich played without a true assistant coach. Carlo Ancelotti instead opted to use his son, Davide, as his primary coaching assistant.

While many understood the decision of Mr. Ancelotti to use his son, there were also several who disagreed with it. Some believed that the decision to use David was made so that Carlo Ancelotti did not have to deal with the input of another tactical mind.

Surely a manager of Ancelotti’s pedigree should not be subject to rumors of that sort, but it is understandable why some were skeptical of his decision to go without a main assistant coach.

At the same time, however, it is understandable that Bayern Munich’s higher-ups would rather hire a true assistant to Carlo than allow him to merely use his son. And it appears that they have done just that.

Reports are circulating that Bayern have hired on ex-player Willy Sagnol as their main assistant coach.

Sagnol spent much of his professional playing career at Bayern where he primarily featured as a right-back. The former French international has spent the last several years coaching across Europe in lower divisions, and is now set to return his roots and work alongside Carlo Ancelotti.

This hiring would be largely beneficial to the entire club, but especially so to young Joshua Kimmich. The German wunderkind is poised to take the reigns as Bayern Munich’s chief right-back. If that is the case, learning under both Philipp Lahm and Willy Sagnol could prove to be revolutionary for the Kid.